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How one key mindset can make your digital product successful

We’ve had the pleasure of designing and developing 100+ digital products from sketches through launch. When looking back at a key aspect of what each of these projects required for success, there is a glaring common thread among the successful endeavors: the ability and willingness to challenge assumptions....

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Step-By-Step Guide to Validate Your App Idea (Before You Go Broke)

So, you've discovered that there's room in the market for your product, and identified the audience you intend to target. Up to this point, your thought process may look something like this:...

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Choose Your Weakness, and Build a Better App. Here's How

Ever opened a new app, and been confused immediately by what it does?...

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3 Ways to Figure Out if Your App Idea Stands a Chance

You’ve thought up a great solution to a problem, and you’re wondering if it could turn into a viable business. The good news is, the growth curve of new technologies permeating our lives looks like a hockey stick, with no signs of slowing down. How can you make your passion, hobby, or industry even better with your app idea? In the ...

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Try These 6 Tactics When Hiring, and Build the Ultimate Startup Team

When you find yourself in the position of hiring for your startup, it can be daunting to decide where to begin, or what aspects to consider. For a small team, early hires are incredibly  influential. They will impact how the culture and work ethic evolves in your company. In a large business, a mediocre employee’s performance may ...

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