July 31, 2018

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Clutch lists New Lion as top 5 software developer in Minneapolis

Clutch ranks New Lion as one of the top software developers in Minneapolis. At New Lion, we believe that the best way to succeed is to give new ventures the support they need to thrive.

Working in the startup world and being a startup-first development shop, we see a lot of great concepts not make it to fruition, whether it’s due to lack of focus or becoming overwhelmed with the steps to take in order to hit the ground running. We pride ourselves on our ability to get down to business – we take risks, determine the steps we need to take, and get it done for your company.

We excel at every stage of the development journey, from strategy and design to actual development and growth. Our strategy relies on unpacking unique ideas, breaking them down into their 
Clutch ranks New Lion as a top UX agency in Minneapolis.
essential components, and creating an achievable roadmap for what needs to be accomplished. While some companies may do one of these steps well, we continually strengthen our skills along the entire journey. Our well-rounded, robust approach has earned us attention on Clutch and their sister site, The Manifest, in their annual report highlighting leading B2B agencies.
We are happy to announce that New Lion has been ranked as a leading Minneapolis agency on both Clutch and The Manifest! The New Lion team has been ranked among the top software developers in Minneapolis by the Manifest. The Manifest is a website that publishes articles detailing reviews and ranks different companies from different regions and industries and is the sister site to Clutch- a well-known and accredited B2B ratings website.
One of Clutch’s most competitive segments, software development, has us listed as one of the top 5 companies in Minneapolis! Among these leading software developers in Minneapolis, we have a five-star rating and we are also proudly listed as leaders for UX Design, Ruby on Rails, IT Services, and Digital Design.site to Clutch- a well-known and accredited B2B ratings website.

New Lion currently has a 5 star rating on Clutch based on client reviews.

“In a digital landscape that’s more saturated by the day, the opportunities for recognition are limited. The service providers highlighted in this research stand apart based on their excellent customer service and high-quality results.” – Ilse Heine, Senior Analyst, Clutch

If you have a software project that you want to see made into a reality, look no farther than New Lion. With us, you get a team that’s just as passionate as you are about making your company’s project a reality and success. The distance between you and your project being a reality is just a simple message away. Contact us now!

Who are we?

New Lion is a startup-first digital product design & development firm in Minneapolis, MN. We’re passionate about designing and developing web and mobile apps that users love so much they can’t help but tell everyone they know about it. We are here to help your app idea be the next blockbuster - let’s talk!

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Written by Joseph Schlichting