January 02, 2018

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We know what it will take to set your business apart from the rest. That’s why we create high-quality apps that your users will love. New Lion doesn’t just develop mobile and web apps – we develop entire ideas that translate to one-of-a-kind experiences. We know that our clients are the experts at their field, identifying problems and opportunities. That’s where we come in: we have the knowledge and experience to build solutions that will bring you profitable business.

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, our team of design, strategic, and technical experts will work closely with you for each phase of your business, exploring every possible avenue for your idea and testing through clickable prototypes. We work with clients around the nation to keep them efficient, minimize their costs, and transform their ideas into exceptional digital products. At New Lion, not only do we pride ourselves on providing great services and industry knowledge, but we are passionate about helping our clients’ businesses flourish in an increasingly connected and digital world.

Naturally, after serving so many clients across so many different fields, we have dozens of success stories to share. We appreciate all of our clients, and we are excited to announce that a few of these clients have taken the time to share their experiences with us on Clutch.co. Clutch.co is a market research firm for the B2B industry, based in Washington, D.C., which guides business buyers through their search process to find their ideal business service provider.

Clutch.co lists companies in a variety of fields, including digital agencies, development companies, IT service providers, and more. The companies that are featured on Clutch.co are ranked mainly according to unbiased, third-party reviews that are posted to their profiles. These reviews are created from phone conversations which are transcribed and edited into a case study format. Rankings are also partially based on a set of criteria including a company’s work portfolio of case studies, past clientele, and market presence.

Like other app developers listed on Clutch.co, New Lion’s profile demonstrates our high-quality services and impressive work portfolio alongside our client reviews. We are proud of the great comments clients provided about us and we are happy to share them.

One of our clients, the co-founder of a smart DJ app company, commented, “I like their focus on startups and ability to bring in a business perspective to development.” He continued, “They are unique because of this, and it’s highly beneficial to us as a company. As a startup, it’s good to have some help in analyzing certain aspects of a business, like pricing. Their help has been amazing.”

Another client of ours, the CEO of a weeds identification service company, loves our enthusiastic approach: “Their enthusiasm and willingness to take on a unique challenge are most impressive. The team was able to apply their technical experience and ingenuity to the problem, willing to venture into new territory with us and design a custom solution to the problem we brought to them. They want to grow and are always open to trying new things.”

We are grateful for our clients and this new partnership with Clutch.co. We look forward to hearing more from our clients, and in the meantime, you can see our profile for more of what we offer and what clients have had to say!

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Written by Austin Kettelhut

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